Large Start Menu

Large Start Menu

Maximize the size of your Start menu


  • Simple to install
  • Makes options very visable and touchable


  • Doesn't beef up any other menus/icons


If you're eyesight's anywhere near as bad as mine then you probably get really infuriated by small-screen devices and struggle to read some of the commands.

This, coupled with the fact that sometimes it can be difficult to hit the right option using a touchscreen, makes Large Start Menu a very useful companion for your Pocket PC.

As the name suggests, the program lets you expand the size of the elements listed in your Windows Mobile Start menu. In this way, you can select any of the shortcuts or elements included in the menu without having to use the stylus.

In other words, by clicking directly with your fingers.

Its use is very simple. You just have to install the CAB file on your device and access the configuration window to activate or deactivate maximized the elements.

Large Start Menu makes your Start menu bigger and more finger touch friendly. To use the utility, just download and install both . CAB files, and soft-reset your device!

Large Start Menu


Large Start Menu

User reviews about Large Start Menu

  • by Anonymous

    Doesn't work on Mobile 6.
    I tested this on mobile 6 and found it didn't work.
    Pros: None that I could seeMore